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Yamasan Co.,Ltd.

To pursue the well-being of all employees both materially and mentally, while also contributing to the advancement of humanity and society.

1. Strive harder than anyone
2. Remain humble
3. Reflect daily
4. Appreciate life
5. Do good deeds and serve others
6. Don’t dwell on the past

1. Clearly state the purpose and mission of your business.
2. Set specific goals.
3. Keep a passionate desire in your heart.
4. Strive harder than anyone else.
5. Maximize revenues and minimize expenses.
6. Pricing is management.
7. Success is determined by willpower.
8. Possess a fighting spirit.
9. Face every challenge with courage.
10.Always be creative in your work.
11.Be kind and sincere.
12.Always be cheerful and positive. Hold great dreams and hopes in the pureness of your heart.

Our Business

Yamasan manufactures assorted types of senbei crackers in baked and fried style, using the Japanese traditional ebi (shrimp) senbei hot press method. We are producing OEM products for various companies as well as name brand (NB) original products.

By maximizing our creativity, which is our strength as a manufacturer, we are developing new products through innovative ideas while staying true to traditional techniques and manufacturing methods.

We are constantly aiming for ever higher levels by leveraging the strong relationships with our clients to learn about product development, and quality management.


Special equipment for the traditional ebi senbi hot press method has been installed in our facility to manufacture in small lots the diverse products developed by the Product Planning Department. We are continuously making improvements to further enhance our production capabilities.

Convenience stores
Specialty stores
・Can Do

Department stores
・Tokyu Department Store
Trading companies
・Kabou Syutoken
・York Benimaru

Export Markets
・Hong Kong

Premium Select Ingredients Series

Bringing out the most authentic taste from natural ingredients at great value, these healthy snacks are made using minimum flavorings and additives, in addition to ensuring safety and security.

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